Thursday, April 29, 2010

And they're off!

After soaking my beads in water overnight, I was able to get one off the mandrel with a rubber gripper my brother took from my mom's house.  Then,  I googled "How to get beads off mandrels" and found this eHow article, and decided to soak them in vinegar (all I have is apple cider vinegar).  I was able to get one more off.  I then gave up and let them soak some more.

Some time later, and came back, still having no success handed it to my brother, Alan.  And Bam! bead comes off no problem for him.  So unfair.  He was able to get another one off, but had trouble with the next one and said it was his friend's Ryans's turn to "make him look a girl."  Ryan got two off and the last one had to be stuck in the freezer before Alan could get it off.

Now I just need to find my bead reamer, so I can get them cleaned out.

My favorite of my beads

But I now have my mandrels back and can make more beads!