Thursday, September 23, 2010

Melbourne Art Festival

I went to the Melbourne Art Festival forever ago (April 25), wrote up a draft post, and then never got around to posting it.  Anyways, I saw lots of fun stuff. 

The more I learn about glass work, the more I look at it, and think "I could do that."  Not now, but after I practice some more, and maybe get some better equipment.

My Dad went to the Art Fest. the day before I did.  He really liked Dianna J. Dinka's beads, and brought me home her business card.   Her jewelry is chunky and bright. 

Another glass bead artist there was Sandy Lent. Her beads look more nature inspired.  Many shells, pieces resembling sea glass, and more. 

I also really liked the sculptures by Susan Gott. That is something I don't think I will ever be able to do.

Not glass related, but I really enjoyed Lorri Honeycutt's Big World Photo series. I kind of want to buy my dad one for Christmas.  

Thursday, April 29, 2010

And they're off!

After soaking my beads in water overnight, I was able to get one off the mandrel with a rubber gripper my brother took from my mom's house.  Then,  I googled "How to get beads off mandrels" and found this eHow article, and decided to soak them in vinegar (all I have is apple cider vinegar).  I was able to get one more off.  I then gave up and let them soak some more.

Some time later, and came back, still having no success handed it to my brother, Alan.  And Bam! bead comes off no problem for him.  So unfair.  He was able to get another one off, but had trouble with the next one and said it was his friend's Ryans's turn to "make him look a girl."  Ryan got two off and the last one had to be stuck in the freezer before Alan could get it off.

Now I just need to find my bead reamer, so I can get them cleaned out.

My favorite of my beads

But I now have my mandrels back and can make more beads!

Saturday, April 24, 2010


So, I haven't gotten behind the torch in a while. I still haven't been able to get my last batch of beads off of the mandrels. I need one of those rubber jar gripper thingies, but I don't know where to find one.

I've been checking out jewelry making books from the library and have realized that there are a lot of techniques I need to work on.  I didn't even know how to do a basic wire wrap on a bead.  I'm going to check out some more books, and hopefully learn some more advanced wire work.

My goals:
  1. Work on making basic round beads (need to forget about surface enrichment until I get the basics down)
  2. (Optional) Buy etching solution and etch basic beads
  3. Read up more on wire jewelry making techniques and practice
  4. Buy silver wire and findings
  5. Make a bracelet like the one below:
Image from Cindy Jenkins' Making Glass Beads (page 35)
Jewelry by Donna Sauers, Photo by Evan Bracken

Another fairly simple bead idea, that might be a good one to start with is clear glass over copper tubes, although it is listed as an intermediate technique. I really can't seem to help jumping ahead of myself. 

Image also from Cindy Jenkins' Making Glass Beads (page 76)
Beads by Mary Klotz, Photo by Evan Bracken
Cut off text lists bead size as "1.2 x .5 cm"