Saturday, January 16, 2010

Book Reviews

So, far I have read 3 of the 4 books I got. I have not been able to locate any beadmaking class near by, so I have to rely on books for all of my instruction at this point.

First, let me tell you about my reading style. I have yet to read any of these books from front to back. My reading style is to flip though looking at pictures at headlines, the first time. Then I randomly flip through the book reading sections that look interesting. I continue to flip through, reading random new sections until I have read the book in its entirety. And by flipping through some more, I re-read and re-read, until I have read the book multiple times.
  • Making Glass Beads by Cindy Jenkins

This seems to be the book for beginners. The book provides a nice overview of all the techniques a beginner could use. It is nice that the author include little tips of the trade she learned form other beadmakers.

  • The Complete Book of Glass Beadmaking by Kimberly Adams
This book has all the information in the previous book, plus some added advanced techniques. I do think it is useful having both, because I can read and compare the way each describes a technique until I fully understand what they are trying to tell me. This book also provides set-by-step instructions for some more advanced beads, that I am in no way ready to attempt.

  • Passing the Flame: A Beadmaker's Guide to Detail and Design by Corina Tettinger
I like the first person instruction, it makes it more like I am taking a class with a a teacher. She did provide some fixes for the problems I having in getting a basic round bead. She also provides step-by-step instructions for some beads I feel fully capable of making with a little more practice of the basics.

  • More Than You Ever Wanted to Know About Glass Beadmaking by James Kervin
I have not managed to read much of this one yet. It is very technical. At this point, I think it may be way more than I need to know. May be useful when it is time to upgrade from my hothead, to a dual-fuel torch, and I am ready to create more of a studio.

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